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Meet Our Qualified Experienced Tutors

Alison Bolsover English tutor/ Maths tutor/ Religious Studies tutor/ Sociology tutor

Alison Bolsover

Owner and Client Manager
English tutor/ Maths tutor/ Religious Studies tutor/ Sociology tutor.

Since 1996, Alison has been teaching children and young people in the primary, secondary and further education sectors. She has also worked as a GCSE examiner so is well-equipped to help students to achieve exam success. Alison is passionate about helping students to grow in confidence and enjoy learning so that they can reach their goals and improve their future prospects.

Alison will be the first person you speak to when you enquire about tuition.  She will take time to listen to your needs and find out as much information as possible that will help her to match the student with the tutor who will be the best fit. She is the 'go-to' person if you have any queries about tuition, fees or your account. 


Alison is also the Designated Safeguarding Lead so if you have any safeguarding concerns, please get in touch with her.

Dr Tracy Hayes  English tutor History tutor dorset online

Dr. Tracy Hayes

English tutor/ History tutor.

Tracy is passionate about English language and literature.  She has a First Class Honours Degree in English Literature, an MA in Victorian Studies, and a PhD in Victorian Literature and History.  English has been her favourite subject from a very young age.  She is a voracious book reader with a book collection numbering over 1000 volumes.

Tracy has worked in secondary schools for many years, in the examinations office, the library, the English department, and with SEN students.  She mentors students of all ages and capabilities online, and she also teaches through The Brilliant Club Scholars Programme. Tracy is happy to teach both in groups or one-to-one, and aims to provide learning experiences that are inclusive and positive.

David Vass Philosopgy Tutor Sociology Tutor Religous Studies Tutor  .JPG

David Vass

Philosophy Tutor / Sociology Tutor / Religious Studies Tutor

David is a passionate Humanities tutor encompassing the Philosophical, Sociological and Religious development of societies and cultures, from the historical classics to the present day.

He has a BA (hons) Arts and Humanities (Philosophy). He previously worked tutoring employees as a store trainer for a retail company and will be teaching Philosophy at a local further education college from September.


He describes his teaching style as interactive as his subjects are very much about debating.

Shamaila Hussain  Science tutor  Maths tutor Computer Science tutor dorset online

Shamaila Hussain

Science tutor/ Maths tutor/ Computer Science tutor.

Shamaila is highly qualified and has been tutoring for 6 years ranging from teaching traditional subjects to robotics and coding.  The main subjects that she teaches are English (up to KS3), Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology to A Level and Computer Science up to degree level.


Shamaila describes her teaching style as very hands-on and interactive as she doesn't believe in lecturing her students.  She accomplishes this through a series of interactive quizzes and worksheets to help her students to consolidate their knowledge.

Damian Brown.jpg

Damian Brown

Maths tutor/ Further Maths tutor/ 11+ tutor.

Damian has been teaching Maths for over six years in good and outstanding secondary schools.  He has experience teaching Key Stages 3 to 5 including the new GCSE and the new A Level, both Maths and Further Maths.  Having taught 14 different year 7 classes during his time in schools, he feels he has a good understanding of the Key Stage 2 SATs.  he has also taught in a grammar school and an independent school so can help with the 11+ and Common Entrance exams.

Damian's teaching style is one of calmness and support.  He really enjoys Maths and he doesn't think it is his job to make you do Maths, rather it is his job to make you want to do Maths.  He tries to break topics down into smaller chunks, and explain each part one by one with practice questions in between.  He always sets homework, not to test or to continue doing the same things, but to find out what you need to work on so that he can plan lessons around your needs and not follow a regimented scheme of work.

Tamara Collier  Geography tutor  Maths tutor dorset and online

Tamara Collier

Geography tutor/ Maths tutor.

Tamara studied Maths, Physics and Geography at A Level and went on to study Geography at the University of Reading.  Following on from that she progressed to doing a Masters in Applied Meteorology.  Tamara works in Climate Science for her day-time job.

Before joining our team, Tamara had previously tutored GCSE Geography whilst studying for her undergraduate degree.  She is currently training to be a dance teacher and is assisting with classes covering the 10 -18 age range. 

In addition, as part of her day job, she runs STEM sessions in schools and youth organisations.  She has previous experience volunteering with the Royal Geographical Society helping to run the Geographical Ambassador Programme.  This involved designing innovative ways to get students interested in Geography at GCSE level.

Tamara likes to work very interactively with her students to enable them to get the most out of the sessions.

Ian Newton  Maths tutor GCSE dorset and online

Ian Newton

Maths tutor.

Ian is one of the newest members of the team but in a short space of time has been receiving five-star reviews from parents.

After completing his degree in 2011, Ian taught a number of GCSE and A-level students on a one-to-one basis.  This included supporting students at Atlantic Academy, Portland,  who were struggling to prepare for their GCSE exams.

Ian enjoys walking, playing volleyball, travelling, and eating food from different cultures.

Dr. Paul Leal  Science tutor_ Psychology tutor Sociology tutor dorset and online

Dr. Paul Leal

Science tutor/ Psychology tutor/ Sociology tutor.

Dr Paul Leal is a new tutor on the team at Jurassic Coast Tutors. He is highly qualified with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with his students. He is a health care/life science professional.  He describes himself as versatile and adaptable, embracing changes and new challenges.

Dr Paul has been both a full-time teacher and private tutor for over 10 years and has supported students to gain the highest grades in their examinations. His approach to tutoring begins with active listening to what and how the learner articulates their subject difficulties.  From this point, he plans to meet the expressed learning needs of the learner.  Dr Paul believes that progress monitoring and frequent testing are essential to ensure that student remains on track to achieve their goals.

Dr Paul has a passion for teaching and learning, a command of the subject matter and a deep concern for the student as an individual.

Our Team: Our Team
alastair Jurassic Coast Tutors

Alistair Greenshields

Maths tutor/ English as a  Foreign Language tutor/ Science tutor

Alastair has several years' experience of teaching both young people and adults within school classrooms, one-on-one and online settings. He's covered the subjects of Mathematics, English as a foreign language, and Science. He has a degree in Applied Chemistry (Hons) and has worked in the fields of chemistry, genetics, and programming.


Alastair's teaching style is one of inquiry and discovery. He encourages his students to explore the natural world through observations and questions, using a variety of resources to illustrate scientific concepts and phenomena.

Byron Silver English Tutor Jurassic Coast Tutors Dorset

Byron Silver

English tutor / ESOL tutor

Byron currently works for two local education providers as a tutor and lecturer. He teaches English Language, English Literature and ESOL at all levels to adults and younger students. Byron has approaching fifteen years’ experience in the education sector, having previously worked in finance. Byron trained as an English teacher upon acquiring a First Class Honours in English Language, followed by a Masters in English Literature from Queen Mary University of London.


Grammar is Byron’s passion. He also has a keen interest in canonical British and anglophone writers from the eighteenth-, nineteenth- and early twentieth-century.


Byron is results-focused but takes a holistic approach to teaching English, recognising that no two students are alike or will come to the subject in the same manner; and that instilling a love of learning in others sometimes requires adapting existing practices to accommodate students’ diverse needs, enabling them to connect with the subject material on their own terms and to express themselves in their own way.

Christine Smith French Tutor Jurassic Coast Tutors

Christine Smith

French tutor

Christine is a French native who has been living in England for over 30 years and is therefore fluent in both French and English. 

She works as a teaching assistant in a local primary school within the KS2 classes and has gained extensive experience and insight in supporting the learning process of children within the whole class, a small group and one-to-one basis. 

She has become an asset to the school in helping to teach French from year 3 to year 6 and is passionate about helping anyone who wants to improve their learning of the French language whether it be at primary or secondary level, including preparation for GCSE examinations.

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